Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Charity Navigator

Forbes Magazine's Best of the Web has a section on Charitable Giving. To date, my favorite website for researching charities is called Charity Navigator, which I like mainly because it does most of the research for me.

As a finance guy, perhaps I put too much trust in numbers, lists, and rankings. Granted, if I were to develop my own rating system for charities, it may not match exactly with the methodology utilized by Charity Navigator. However, they look both at a non-profit's efficiency as well as its capacity to carry out its mission. I'm satisfied that given my part-time status as a philanthropist, Charity Navigator's full-time research and rankings are probably better than anything I could come up with. You can search by charity name or key word (e.g., relief), and then you can sort the results by overall score. Alternately, you can browse by category (e.g., education) or look through all the 4-Star charities.

I hope you enjoy this reference site as much as I do. Happy researching!

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