Sunday, September 24, 2006

Children's Hunger Fund

Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) is another charity to which I have donated in the past, a 4-star charity according to Charity Navigator based on both its efficiency and its capacity to carry out its mission. Whereas many charities are lucky to keep fundraising, advertising, and administrative costs to ~10% of their expenses, CHF keeps such costs to less than 1% of its expenses.

CHF's tagline is "Serving children in need...across America and around the world." Excerpts from CHF's mission and philosophy are shown below:

First, we take a highly relational approach when working with needy children. We endeavor to build trust relationships with needy families through the home delivery of food...

Second, we are a values-based organization. Our commitment to biblical values compels us to work with the local church wherever possible in an effort to move children and families away from a dependency on man to meet their needs, to a dependency on God. Our core values of integrity and accountability penetrate our entire mission...

Finally...we are passionate about our mission to serve children in need...By reaching out to needy children and introducing them to a God who loves them and cares for them, we seek to bring real hope to the next generation.

The charity is a member of an Evangelical Christian council and relies on individual volunteers, corporations, and ministry partners to carry out its work. In addition to assembling and distributing Food Paks (that's really how they spell "packs"), CHF has also helped to bring clothing, school supplies, educational opportunities, and toys to needy children around the world.

Looking through CHF's 2005 annual report, CHF's spends more money in the United States than I would have anticipated. Approximately $33M of $79M (42%) in 2005 program expenses were targeted towards various regions of the US, especially the Western United States (CHF is headquartered near Los Angeles, California). Other sizeable 2005 country expenses were $15M in Indonesia (tsunami relief), $7M in Iraq, $6M in Somalia, and $11M spread among four Latin American countries.

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