Sunday, October 29, 2006

Is God A Socialist?

In response to my 10/15/06 post titled All Things Common, a reader posed the question: "So is God a socialist?" His question showed up in the comments section, and my response was in the comments section. A couple faithful readers both mentioned they didn't see the comment string, so in the future if I respond to a reader comment, I'll plan to do it as a new post. Below was my response to the question:

I don't intend for this to be a political forum, so I won't share my theories on whether one political party or form of government is God's "chosen" form. I'm certain that no government or party runs things quite like God would.

That said, reading through the scriptures posted 9/19/06, I'm convinced that: (1) spiritual wealth is more lasting than material wealth, (2) we are to share with our brothers and sisters -- and since God is the Heavenly Father of everyone on earth, that means everyone is our sibling, (3) God expects us to make sacrifices.

My belief is that the world has sufficient material resources and wealth today to ensure no man would have to live in extreme poverty. If God ruled the earth, I don't believe he would allow 1+ billion people to live on <$1/day when others have so much.

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Stacie said...

You may not go the political route, but I can't resist. I agree that no government matches theocracy, but in keeping with LDS doctrine and history, having "all things in common" and the United Order resemble ideal socialism much more than capitalism.