Wednesday, November 29, 2006

20/20 on Philanthropy

Two of my siblings contacted me tonight to tell me to watch a 20/20 special on philanthropy. I didn't get a chance to watch, but most of the information is available on their web site, both in video and in text. Below are several articles related to the special:

My favorite quote came from Leading By Example, which stated that "charity is more efficient than government...because when we are spending our own money, we stop spending when a project doesn't work."

I was surprised by a quote in "Who Gives..." which said "Workers at the meat packing plant...make on average around $35,000, yet the Sioux Falls United Way says it gets more contributions of over $500 from employees here than anywhere else." To me, $500 is a large donation, and it's impressive to me that a number of people making $35,000 are donating such large amounts to help other people. It's anecdotal, sure, but it also makes me reconsider generosity.

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