Saturday, December 02, 2006


It's not my favorite search engine in the world, but everyclick has an interesting social capitalism business model, as outlined on its web site: is a search engine that gives half of the revenue it generates to charity. Use it to raise money for your favourite charity whenever you search the web. Last year search engines generated close to £3.2 billion - just imagine how your selected charity could benefit if you and your friends all used to support them whenever you searched the web. All you need to do is select the charity you would like to support, there's absolutely no charge to you or the charities involved.

I got to choose which charity my searches will support, and I chose Room to Read. By my calculation, approximately $0.04 from each search goes to support my favorite charity. If I averaged one search per weekday, that's about 250 searches per year, which equals about $10 per year. Not a huge sum of money based solely on my own searches, but everyclick advertises that it has facilitated nearly 15 million searches through the 2 December 2006, which suggests to me that they've raised ~$0.6 million dollars for various charities through their business model. Not bad!

Search results are powered by, which is not Google but seems to return relevant results. The big down-side is that as a UK-based company, searches default to UK results, and you have to click a separate button to get Worldwide results. It takes an extra couple seconds. I contacted everyclick, and they confirmed I currently cannot set my default to be worldwide.

Neat idea. Not perfect yet, especially for those living outside the UK. But I'll probably funnel an extra $10 to Room to Read this year simply by setting my homepage to I'm not one to turn down easy (legal) money.

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