Saturday, January 13, 2007

Online Fundraisers

I have recently become aware of a couple sites that run online fundraisers. I'll have to check them out in greater detail soon, but I'd also be interested to get feedback from others who have used these sites or other comparable sites:


Brittany A said...

Firstgiving is a great site to use for online fundraising. The site helps anyone create online fundraising pages for free! You can support any non-profit that is registered with Guidestar (over 2MM are registered) and any money raised will be directly sent to the non-profit. The best part about raising money online is that you tend to raise more money and it's a lot easier! It's easy to send the page out to anyone through your personal online network (via email or a blog).

Good luck to everyone out there supporting great causes and missions!

Ryan said...

Brittany A -- send me an email (see my profile @ for email address). I'd love to learn more about your experience or affiliation with firstgiving.