Sunday, February 04, 2007

Monthly $10K for Kids Fundraiser Update

I'm officially one month into my $10K for Kids Fundraiser, in which I aim to raise $10,000 for Room to Read during 2007. Dividing the $10,000 goal by 12 months, I would need to raise $833 per month to hit the goal. I finished January just ahead of the goal, at $885.

The $885 consists of two main pieces: (1) donations -- paid directly to Room to Read -- totaling $850, and (2) Google AdSense revenue -- paid to me with 100% donated by me to Room to Read -- totaling $35.08. Of the total, $2.81 was from the last 1+ week of December, and an additional $3.52 came from this Riches For Good blog, with the remaining $28.75 coming from January searches on Room To Search.

I have mixed feelings about the progress of the fundraiser.

The good news is I'm right on plan, and Room to Search is on pace to contribute several hundred dollars toward my goal. The search engine also seems to be picking up speed as users tell their friends and family.

The bad news is that my appeal in my Christmas newsletter for donations was quite unsuccessful. I expected to far exceed my $833 goal in January, and frankly, I contributed a sizeable percentage of the $850 that was donated. I'll need to get more creative in the future. I think I'll turn to schools to raise donations and increase the utilization of Room to Search.

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