Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April $10K for Kids Fundraiser Update

April was a good month for my $10K for Kids Fundraiser. $460 was donated through the site, $56 in Google AdSense revenue was brought in through my Room to Search search engine, and I also earned my first dollar in Amazon revenue for purchases made through the search engine and this blog. The $56 in AdSense revenue was more than a 10% increase over the prior monthly high of $50 in February.

Part of April's success with the search engine came from Cherry Creek High School, which had a Room to Read Cafe that raised $3000 for Room to Read in one week! That's the equivalent of a whole library, or 12 years worth of education for young girls who otherwise couldn't afford primary or secondary education. The school promoted the search engine through their newsletter, and the search engine had an increase in activity after the school promoted the site.

Despite my excitement about April's success, I still have plenty of work to do. I'm almost 20% of the way toward my $10,000 goal ($1,898), but I'm 33% of the way through the year.

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