Monday, July 09, 2007

June $10K for Kids Fundraiser Update

June was a breakthrough month for the $10K for Kids Fundraiser. Sensing the need to inject some excitement and capital into my fundraiser, I held a lunch & learn on June 13, during which I offered families, friends, and employees of my employer, Medtronic, that I would match donations $ for $ up to a total of $3,000. Including pledges, I raised $3,800 stemming from that June 13 event. With my matching funds, the total raised in June was $6,800. A Reading Room (i.e., a library attached to an existing school) costs $3,000 to fund, and I chose to fund a Reading Room in Cambodia with my donation.

Most of the donations will not officially hit until July, so my official total at the end of June was $3,515, including $279 from Google AdSense and $1 from Amazon.

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