Sunday, July 29, 2007

Small Fortunes Documentary (Microfinance)

I came across a site tonight for a PBS documentary called Small Fortunes, which deals with the topic of microcredit:

I haven't had a chance to watch the whole documentary, but it looks interesting to me.

And as a side note, the documentary was created by KBYU, a television station affiliated with my undergraduate institution, Brigham Young University. BYU now has a Center for Economic Self-Reliance, which holds an annual conference. I'll have to look into the conference and keep abreast of the center's activities.


Scott and Cindy said...

I just caught up on your most recent posts - I'm really excited to read a couple of those books! Congrats on your reading room donation, too. That's really exciting!

Kellene said...

Borrowed "Leaving Microsoft to Change the World" from the library so I'd have something to read for my 6 hour trip to MN this last weekend. Finished it this morning. My husband said he had never seen me so into a book before. He asked what it was about that kept me so interested...I guess he'll just have to read it and find out for himself! (Did give him a brief summary though.) Thanks for the great recommend. I think I'll just have to purchase this book as there were so many things I wanted to underline. I'll recommend this book for the book club I'm in. (I haven't actually finished any of the books I'm reading for the club, but I got this one read, if that says anything!!!)