Saturday, August 25, 2007


While doing a web search on the term "Social Entrepreneurship," I came across Ashoka, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world’s citizens to think and act as changemakers.

While browsing Ashoka's web site, I came across the following quote from Ashoka founder Bill Drayton: "Our job is not to give people fish, it's not to teach them how to fish, it's to build new and better fishing industries." According to its 2006 annual report, Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs—men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Since 1981, we have elected over 1,700 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, providing them with living stipends, professional support, and access to a global network of peers in more than 60 countries.

Ashoka earned Charity Navigator's coveted 4-Star Rating, based on its financial efficiency and capacity to carry out its mission. It received $23.9 million in donations in 2006 and does not accept any funding from the government.

This seems like just the type of organization I would like to become involved with in my "extra" time (if only I had extra time). They're headquartered in the Washington DC area (Virginia) but have some remote volunteering options. I'm not ready to take anything on at the moment but will consider them for future volunteer opportunities.

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