Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Financial Press

Both the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times have run interesting articles lately:

Bill Gates is trying to promote healthcare innovation with a new $100 million fund with the goal of smaller, quicker grants than his foundation has done in the past.

Zoellick is the new head of the World Bank. Apparently he gave his first major policy speech, in which he set out the following six priorities:
  1. Poverty alleviation and growth promotion in the poorest countries
  2. Help for failed or failing states
  3. Enhanced services for middle-income countries
  4. The environment and other global public goods
  5. The Arab world
  6. Development of a “brain trust”
Regarding the rich helping the poor, a "Commitment to Development Index" (CDI) shows Northern European countries (Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway) are the most committed to development. No surprise there. The US is in the lower-middle of the pack. Japan brings up the rear.

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