Saturday, October 06, 2007

September $10K for Kids Fundraiser Update

I officially exceeded my 2007 Room to Read fundraising goal of $10,000, reaching $11,155 year-to-date through the end of September. $10,754 has come from donations, $399 from Google's AdSense program, and $2 from Amazon's Associates program. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated directly to the fundraiser, used my search engine, or purchased a book through this blog or

Many peoples' donations were given as unrestricted funds to be used as Room to Read sees fit, and at least one library has been built (in Cambodia)! Depending on how Room to Read uses the remainder of the funds, nearly three more libraries could be built, or three girls could be guaranteed the blessing of 10 years of primary and secondary education, or a significant portion of a school could be funded (it only costs $15,000 to build a school in Nepal, for example).

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Anonymous said...

I claim sole responsibility for the Google AdSense revenue: I click daily. Maybe I should be more giving, I am impressed by donations you were able to raise.