Friday, January 25, 2008

Bill Gates' Conversion to Social Capitalism

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting and informative article about Bill Gates and his transition from monopolist to philanthropist. Click here to read the article.

I'm amazed at how judgmental people are of Bill Gates. I've heard and read numerous comments about how he'd do more good for the world by continuing to run Microsoft and generate billions of dollars in profit while creating thousands of jobs. And today, a co-worker suggested that Gates was a hypocrite for being a ruthless capitalist and then asking others to be kind capitalists. In any case, I have nothing but respect for a man who has earmarked over $30 billion of his own money to try to address global health, poverty, and hunger. If only there were more people like Bill Gates to criticize...


Robert said...

I too am excited about Gates announcement at Davos, and see it as a real change in mindset for him. Al Hammond over at has some thoughts on this transition from anti-to-pro 'bottom of the pyramid' approach. What annoys me, however, is Andrew Leonard's insistence that 'bottom of the pyramid' means selling skin cream to low-income consumers...ah well.

Ryan Gunderson said...


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Jason said...

I totally agree with you, as a Software Engineer working predominantly with Microsoft products I am very familiar with the criticisms (often unfounded) aimed at Microsoft and Bill Gates about their products. But to criticise him for his interest in and contributions to various charities is ridiculous. It is very positive that such a high profiled business person is increasing the focus on global health, poverty and hunger issues. I look forward to seeing what "creative capitalism" projects he initiates and which other business leaders he manages to get to join him.

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