Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blogs For Global Poverty, Health, Development, and Social Entrepreneurship

I recently shared Echoing Green's list of the Top Seven Social Entrepreneurship Blogs, but now it's time for me to share a list of my own favorite blogs and online communities that focus on global poverty alleviation and related topics, such as global health, global economic development, and social entrepreneurship.

Here's my blogroll, which I'll also add to the sidebar and will update over time:

Acumen Fund
: Blog exploring entrepreneurial solutions to global poverty. Acumen Fund is a winner of Fast Company's Social Capitalist Award.

Banker In India: Mark Straub's reflections as an idealistic investment banker who left behind a six figure salary in the Bay Area to help extremely poor people in India get a better shot at life.

BOPreneur: Paul Hudnut's blog for entrepreneurs focused on improving the lives of the world's poorest people.

CGAP Technology Program: Co-founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the CGAP Technology Program seeks innovative ways to use technology to reach poor people with financial services.

Changemakers: An initiative of Ashoka that focuses on the rapidly growing world of social innovation.

Changing The Pyramid:
Nicole Goldin's place for independent discussion, debate, and dissent on critical issues regarding the global wealth pyramid and efforts to alter it.

Dani Rodrik's Weblog: Unconventional thoughts on economic development and globalization, from a Harvard professor who teaches about those topics.

Defeat Poverty: Dave Richards' forum for global economic issues, ideas, & data to help us all become better contributors to defeating the scourge of extreme global poverty.

Development Through Enterprise: Sagar's blog
dedicated to sustainable enterprise initiatives, economic development, and the base of the economic pyramid.

Have Fun * Do Good: Britt Bravo's blog about individuals and organizations that are creating social change.

iPienso: Pablo Halkyard's blog about development, business and social enterprise.

Little Devices That Could: Jose, Abhi, and Vivek's blog about gadgets, international development, and medical technology.

MicroCapital: Prisma Microfinance's blog about microfinance and microcredit investment.

Microfranchising: David Stoker's blog about microfranchising, microcredit, and microenterprise.

NextBillion: World Resources Institute's blog, which identifies and discusses sustainable business models that address the needs of the world's poorest citizens.

Private Sector Development: World Bank's blog gathering news, resources and ideas about the role of private enterprise in fighting poverty.

School for Social Entrepreneurs
: a blog from the leading organisation in the UK providing support and learning programmes to individual social entrepreneurs.

Social Edge: A collection of blogs about social entrepreneurship. Social Edge is an online community for social entrepreneurs, and a project of the Skoll Foundation.

Social ROI: John R's blog about social entrepreneurship.

Spark*Blog: Echoing Green's blog for social entrepreneurs.

Stanford Social Innovation Review: A blog from the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Technology, Health & Development: Aman, Ben, and Jaspal's blog focusing on global health solutions through innovation and technology.

Timbuktu Chronicles: Emeka Okafor's view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, practical remedies and other self sustaining activities.

Unitus: Blog exploring innovative solutions to global poverty. Unitus is a winner of Fast Company's Social Capitalist Award.

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Hey - Thanks for the shout out! Glad a community is building around these issues, we definitely need more people involved.

jose said...

Hey thanks! We're happy to find more people looking at the same issues with the same exciting outlook!

NTemple said...

thanks for the mention....Echoing Green clearly don't have such refined taste :0)