Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Philip Berber's Top 5 Rules of Charitable Giving

I didn't include this list in my review of Richistan, but I've already referred back to it once or twice and therefore decided I'll pass it along. The list comes from Philip Berber, founder of A Glimmer of Hope.

Philip Berber's Top 5 Rules of Charitable giving: (parenthetical comments summarize Robert Frank's descriptions found in Richistan)

  1. Know Your Customer (research, research, research!)
  2. Cut Costs, Remove the Middleman (and compare alternatives in search of efficiency)
  3. Hold Them Accountable (set metrics when funding projects, and only fund future projects with the same organization if they achieved their goals)
  4. Involve Your Customers (ownership drives sustainability)
  5. Leverage Your Dollars (piggyback on others' investments to increase your impact)

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