Friday, January 04, 2008

Top 7 Social Entrepreneurship Blogs

Echoing Green, an organization that provides seed capital to social entrepreneurs, recently created a list of their Top Seven Social Entrepreneurship Blogs. The blogs they identified are listed below:

On a related topic, I'm re-categorizing all of my former "social capitalism" posts as "social entrepreneurship," which is clearly a more widely accepted term. I apologize to email subscribers -- last time I changed my tags, I think there was a hiccup, so I expect the same issue this time.

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Alain Kongo said...

Thanks for the list.
However, none of the blogs listed give young would-be entrepreneurs the strong reasons they need to engage in Social Entrepreneurship.
In fact there is a strong scientific framework that is being built establishing the necessity of Social Enterprises.
For this purpose, I strongly recommend a recent book, Social Entrepreneurship, The Secret to Starting a Business Worth Living For.
A good review of the book can be found Here.