Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reading Roundup

  • "When many development workers are flying into capital cities, staying at five-star international hotels, and driving through villages without ever stopping to talk to a farmer, this approach may actually seem novel." (IDEO's Jocelyn Wyatt at
  • Gates Foundation required to give away $3.5 billion in 2008 (MSNBC)
  • "When a book is recommended by both The Economist (more conservative) AND George Soros (quite liberal), it is bound to be interesting ... and [Paul Collier's The Bottom Billion] did not disappoint." (Dave Richards at Defeating Global Poverty)
  • Parents in Indonesia giving up their children because they can no longer afford to feed them or send them to school (CNN)
  • "We came to Harvard as freshmen to change the world, and we’re leaving to become investment bankers — why is this?"(NY Times via Spark*Blog)
  • Business model matrix: when to choose for-profit vs. non-profit vs. hybrid (What's a BOPreneur?)
  • "If you're overconfident about development, Bill Easterly pokes holes in your arguments. And if you're modest, he makes fun of you." (Jonathan Dingel at Dani Rodrick's Weblog)
  • Earn $250,000 for collaborating; nominations due by July 21, 2008 (Have Fun * Do Good)


Britt Bravo said...

Thanks for the link love!

Brendan Stock said...

Great list of links. I just read the review of Bottom Billion on Dave Richards' site and it was fantastic. Being a Gen Y'er myself, I've happened to write an article a few days ago on the NYTimes article you linked to here that you might find interesting.

Thanks for the links.

Brendan Stock said...

Sorry, that link didn't work. Here's the right one.

The Generation of Change: The Millenial Need for Financial and Moral Satisfaction in the Workplace