Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2 Week Program at Columbia Business School

The folks at Columbia Business School notified me of an upcoming event that I want to pass along to other readers. See below for their announcement:

An initiative of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, the Ariane de Rothschild Fellows Program: Dialogue & Social Entrepreneurship is a new, innovative program designed for social entrepreneurs with an interest in fostering a culture of mutual respect and dialogue among Jewish and Muslim communities.

Delivered in partnership with Columbia Business School and Cambridge University , this 2-week program blends three educational components:

- An innovative and action-driven social entrepreneurship program
- Training in cross-cultural dialogue and leadership
- Exposure to state-of-the-art scholarship

Benefits of the program

- Learn how to be a successful agent of change
- Understand the leadership role and its impact on others
- Use specific tools, frameworks and diagnostics to identify personal and organizational issues and challenges
- Gain knowledge in management, negotiations, accounting, finance, marketing, governance and other fields of business
- Learn to appreciate and apply cross-cultural dialogue
- Experience scholarship and debates across and within participants' respective communities
- Build a deep and far-reaching network

Application Criteria

Acceptance to the program is by application only. Selected Fellows will be invited to the program in New York City in July 2009, inclusive of travel, lodging and some meals. Application criteria include:

- Social entrepreneurs who have already created their organization and are engaged in the early stages of development (one to four years) and who are interested in fostering a culture of mutual respect and dialogue among Jewish and Muslim communities.
- Residence in the US , UK , and/or France , or operation of their venture from these countries.
- Social entrepreneurs who demonstrate their interest in and commitment to sustainable civic engagement. There will be no specific sector focus.

In exceptional cases we will also consider individuals with an outstanding background in social activities even if they have not created a legal entity, per se.

Please visit
www.adrfellowprogram.com for detailed information on eligibility, program curriculum and application process. Please sign up to receive regular updates on this website.

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