Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best of Riches For Good 2008

As 2008 comes to an end, it's worth taking a few moments to reflect on all the great things I've come across this year related to Riches For Good.

Best Book: Out of Poverty by Paul Polak

Best Advice: "Go to where the action is!" written in the front cover of my copy of Out of Poverty after I asked Paul Polak to sign it and requested his advice on how to help a million people out of poverty during my lifetime

Best Technology to Help Rural Farmers: treadle pumps

Best Opportunity to Gain Startup Experience: Blessings and Francis' ventures in Zambia (Update: they are still waiting to hear back from the Zambian government on their garage door company registration; in the meantime, I am mentoring Blessings as he runs the photo shop started by his late father)

Best Blog:

Best List of "Good" Blogs: Alltop

Best Speaker: Muhammad Yunus at a Microcredit and Social Business event in Denver in March

Best Organizations to Benchmark Against: Fast Company Social Capitalists, especially the 16 with an international focus

Best College Course: Global Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship, taught by Paul Hudnut at Colorado State University

Best Career Opportunity: transitioning to an international marketing role at Medtronic after about eight years as a finance professional

2008 was a fantastic year for me and my family. In addition to the categories listed above, my wife and I adopted a dog, we bought our first house, my wife finished years of grueling medical training to become a pediatrician, we cruised Alaska and backpacked Olympic National Park, we had meaningful service opportunities with a number of organizations, and we spent a lot of time with extended family. We feel extremely blessed!

In 2009, the following are a few key topics I plan to learn and blog about: social capital markets, social entrepreneur networks, microfranchising, and treadle pump distributors. I am excited to grow my network and knowledge-base in 2009, so that together we can help more people throughout the world to provide for the necessities of life.

Thanks for your interest in Riches For Good. I hope you were able to navigate successfully through the turbulence of 2008 and that your 2009 will be as prosperous as my family's 2008. Happy New Year!


Robert Katz said...

Ryan, your list and your blog are inspiring. In 2008, you've done so much and had much to be thankful for. It's my hope that 2009 will be a similarly successful year for you, your family, and your commitment to helping 1,000,000 people. Keep it up!

Christopher said...

Great list - the Paul Polak book is wonderful and pragmatic. Nothing against Jeffrey Sachs, but Polak's book is grounded in realism.

Looking forward to 2009 too w/Riches for Good.

Paul said...

Thanks, Ryan. Hope you continue to visit us in Fort Collins! Enjoyed getting to know you in 2008 and to read about your journeys.