Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Career Direction

Followers of my blog may be aware that I have been a finance professional my entire career up to this point. I have long been interested in marketing, and I have supported the Sales & Marketing group at Medtronic for the last three years. I'm thrilled to announce that I recently accepted an international marketing role with Medtronic, which was formalized last Friday. The international marketing group in my division is new and dynamic, so roles aren't fully defined, but it appears that China and Latin America will be early focus areas. I took some Mandarin Chinese in college, along with courses about Chinese politics and business in undergrad and graduate school, so I am excited to put some of this knowledge to use (and to brush up on and improve my Mandarin). I also studied Spanish briefly before a trip to Costa Rica in 2007, so I'm excited to learn more Spanish and to gain experience working in Latin America. I believe this new role will not only be extremely challenging, fun, and rewarding, but I also believe it will put me in a position to help others. I'm transitioning into the role over the next few weeks and expect to hit the ground running in the new year. The role couldn't be any better -- I returned from Africa with a desire to gain international business experience, marketing experience, and to be based in Colorado. This job is the perfect combination of all three. I feel very blessed.

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J-Rod said...

Congratulations! Be sure to keep us apprised of all the fun trips that you'll surely be taking.