Monday, January 19, 2009

Endeavor: High Impact Entrepreneurs

Since traveling to Zambia last October, I've spent a lot of time thinking about where I can make the greatest impact in the fight against global poverty.  I currently believe the best way I can invest my time is to help entrepreneurs in the developing world to create and grow successful businesses that generate wealth and jobs.  Non-profit Endeavor Global does a better job of finding and mentoring high impact entrepreneurs in the developing world than any other organization I'm aware of today.

I'm not in bad company in making this assertion.  Tom Friedman, in an updated version of his bestselling book The World Is Flat, boldly called Endeavor's model "the best anti-poverty program of all." And US News & World Report recently named Endeavor founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg one of America's Best Leaders.  Additionally, Endeavor has won Fast Company's Social Capitalist Award and Charity Navigator's 4-Star Ranking.

Below are a few additional bits of key information about Endeavor, as found on its website:

Mission Statement
Endeavor transforms the economies of emerging markets by identifying and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs.

Financial Capital: 86,291 high value jobs created by Endeavor Entrepreneurs
Human Capital: 17,301 candidates received professional feedback from Endeavor
Social Capital: 4,247 weeks spent by MBAs and corporate fellows consulting Endeavor Entrepreneurs
Intellectual Capital: 708 patents or patents pending by Endeavor Entrepreneurs
Cultural Capital: 2.2 million people received entrepreneurial content from Endeavor

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey

I'm impressed enough with Endeavor that I recently volunteered to be a VentureCorp Mentor and am adding Endeavor to my list of favorite charities.  To be listed among my favorite charities, a non-profit has to earn a one-time donation of at least $500 from me, and I must be currently supporting the organization with either my time, money, or both.


Paul said...


FYI, there is also an excellent HBS case on the organization and how it got going and dealt with challenges in the early days.


chou said...

Thanks for highlighting this group.