Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The IDEO for Social Enterprise

I had the pleasure on February 12 of attending a presentation by Tim Prestero, founder and CEO of non-profit design firm Design That Matters. The event was hosted at Colorado State University by Paul Hudnut, who also blogged about the event. Below are a few thoughts, ideas, and quotes I enjoyed from Tim's presentation:

  • "We're the IDEO for Social Enterprise."
  • "Doing good is no reason to run a bad business."
  • What does the situation look like without the solution you're proposing?
  • What does the standard of care look like where money is no object? What does it look like where money is an object?
  • Fail as fast as possible.
  • Who will 1) choose, 2) use, and 3) pay the dues?
  • Altruism can get someone to do something once; but it doesn't last.
  • "It turns out most of our ideas are terrible. We just have a lot of them."

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