Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Where Does Idealism Fit Into My Busy Life?

Ever since my wife completed her medical training in mid-2009, I have been able to spend significantly more time with her, and consequently, I have had much less time to devote to Riches For Good (both the blog and the concept). This time shortage has been compounded since the birth of my first son, Grant, in August. During the last couple months, I have spent considerable time contemplating how to incorporate my idealism into my increasingly busy life, an issue I’m guessing that many readers of this blog also face...

To direct me in my efforts, and to ensure that I’m spending time on the things that truly matter most to me, I created a vision statement for each of my four main responsibilities in life: 1) Family, 2) Career, 3) Community, and 4) Personal. Below are my vision statements, which I expect to endure well beyond my lifetime:

Family: Families can be together forever.

Career: A world in which all people can provide for life’s necessities.

Community: The world is my extended family.

Personal: As sons and daughters of God, all humans have the potential to become like Him

Based off of each vision statement, I created 50 year mission statements, 30 year long-term goals, 3-5 year mid-term goals, quarterly short-term goals, and weekly immediate goals. I also intend to review the list daily to make sure I’m doing the most important things each day. “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” (Annie Dillard)

I’m happy to discuss these various facets of my life in response to queries, but for now I’ll write about career, since that’s where I decided most of my Riches For Good efforts fall:

Career Mission: Improve the lives of underserved populations through sustainable distribution of products and services related to 1) health, 2) education and training, 3) financial services, 4) food, clothing, and shelter.

30 Year Goal: Touch the lives of at least 1 million people in Asia, Latin America, Africa, or Eastern Europe.

3-5 Year Goal: Become a business manager for a Medtronic business unit in China, India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, or Eastern Europe.

Quarterly, Weekly, and Daily: goals are always being updated based off my current role as an International Market Development Specialist with Medtronic.

This updated vision and mission builds on a previous post from nearly two years ago.

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Love's Door said...

i read about you in zambia interviewing people about their water pumps. I am just moving to Zambia, near livingstone, but in the villages, starting a home base to help the rural people there. I can't find where to get those pumps! We need some to get gardens going. Do you know who I can contact? Dan Bumstead - lovesdoor@gmail.com