Friday, June 29, 2012

How Will You Measure Your Life?

For Father's Day, I received Harvard Business School guru Clay Christensen's book How Will You Measure Your Life?  The book is a 206 page version of his 6 page article in the Harvard Business Review by the same name.  Were the 206 extra pages warranted?  I'm undecided, but here are a few of the topics on which I was glad I had some additional instruction from Professor Christensen:

1) Segmenting the market on the job you're "hiring" a product to complete
2) Strategizing, and the reality that everyone is pursuing a strategy, whether intentional or not, based off of how they're spending their time and money
3) Determining what capabilities you need to be successful in the future, and making sure you don't outsource those key capabilities

In writing this blog post, I've decided that the second item above is what made the book worth purchasing and reading.  But regardless of whether you decide to read the whole book, do yourself a favor and (re)read the 6 page Harvard Business Review article.

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